From Saint Maud to The Wicker Man here are some British horror movies that are certain to keep you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come. See the full gallery. Title: Tanks for the Memories 30 Jan Tim is invited to a Marine base for a special Tool Time episode, but is embarrassed when Jill proves more capable at driving a tank.

This episode is out of sequence, everyone's hair is different in this episode, making me think that it was filmed earlier and not shown until later in the season. Does anyone know why they did that?.

drive a tank alabama

This had always bothered me. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Visit our What to Watch page.

Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as you control a 17 ton monster.

Drive a Tank. The tank course requires you to negotiate hair pin turns, climb a fifteen foot hill, and barrel through a four foot deep mud hole. Drive this beast today! Bring your friends!

Hit the course with your friends and get behind the wheel of one of our awesome tanks, or enjoy our tactical laser tag and even watch from a live video feed in our event room. Learn More. We can host any group, from corporate team building to bachelor, bachelorette, and birthday parties! Hit the course with your friends and get behind the wheel of one of our awesome tanks, or enjoy our tactical laser tag and even watch a live video feed in our event room.

Featured Packages. In addition to driving the FV you will also traverse our course through the obstacles using only the periscope and guidance from your tank commander. For the ultimate tank driving experience Basic Tank Training Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as you control a 17 ton monster Enlist Now.

Latest on Instagram.It's a frosty, bright November morning in rural Minnesota, and the ton battle tank is rumbling heartily, like a big metal cat ready for the hunt.

My head is poking out of the driver's hatch, beneath the foot-long cannon barrel. This beast, an '80s British Chieftain, was designed to tear up the toughest, most advanced armor the Soviet Union could throw into battle. Opposing me, 30 feet away, sits a year-old Ford Probe. I toggle the gearshift with my left foot, push the release button atop a pair of levers used for steering, and press the gas pedal.

The behemoth eases forward like a land-bound battleship, the treads clanking with a near-musical chime. Fifteen feet to go. A part of my brain, conditioned by years of careful driving, starts screaming, Warning! Collision imminent! And then I'm lurching upward to the sound of crunching and shattering.

As I settle back toward level again, I set the brakes, climb out of the hatch, and clamber down to assess the damage. This moment of mechanical omnipotence has come courtesy of Drive A Tank, an internal-combustion fantasy camp founded five years ago by a heavy-equipment contractor named Tony Borglum.

I arrived yesterday in the small town of Kasota and met with the year-old at his garage, a hangar-like space crammed with military vehicles: two enormous tanks, a couple of self-propelled guns, an assortment of armored personnel carriers, and a vintage Jeep mounted with a.

Some countries may be less heavily armed. Borglum's father has a concrete-recycling business, and the family is used to running large equipment and machining parts. This expertise came in handy when, inBorglum and his father decided it would be fun to start collecting British army vehicles.

Drive a Tank

It's just an armored box on tracks—no different than a dozer. It's not the size and power of military vehicles that appeals to Borglum as much as their sheer orneriness.

It's like they go out of their way to make it a pain in the ass. After class the 20 to 30 students in attendance start out in machines such as a 33,pound vehicle called the FV Abbot.

It's tanklike, with half-inch-thick armor and a foot-long cannon barrel, but Borglum explains almost apologetically that it's technically not a tank but a self-propelled artillery piece. However, I bet if you drove it up the White House driveway, your obituary would refer to the vehicle as a tank. I climb into the driver's hatch of the FV, and Borglum sits atop the armor just behind me.

Instead of a steering wheel, you hold two levers. Pulling on one side slows the tread, so that the vehicle skews in that direction. Tenderly I nurse the gas pedal and creep forward, acutely aware of the vast bulk I'm now directing. I make a few turns and carefully accelerate to walking speed. This doesn't feel like rumbling along in a car—it's more like grinding through a thick plank with a circular saw.

We head out to play on the Borglums' 24 acres of woodland.

drive a tank alabama

The principles of driving the tank couldn't be simpler, but getting a feel for it takes a while. Visibility is severely limited. Where exactly the sides of the vehicle are is a matter of pure speculation. From the condition of the bark on most of the trees, I can tell I'm not the first one to encounter this issue.

I trundle along a maze of dirt roads, gaining confidence and speed until I'm approaching this vehicle's max speed of 18 mph. Launching up a small hill, I come over the crest and find myself heading onto an iced-over pond. After decades of driving in the Northeast, I know how this is going to play out: the skid, the spin, the sideways crash. But now the tank comes down, smashes through the ice, water goes flying, and we go rolling along, right on course. There's a life lesson in this: When you're in a tank, things don't happen to you.We enjoyed all of the time that we spent driving the tanks, firing the machine guns and especially for all the time everybody spent answering our questions and telling us all the stories.

We are already talking about coming out again! Email all news and media inquiries to. The Original Established in For over a decade Drive A Tank has been providing the most elite tank driving packages on the planet. Check out the Booking Page for available event times.

Customer Comments. You can be sure that we will be repeat customers and will share your name with our friends. We, my groomsman and nephew, just spent the day driving tanks and shooting guns. The best day ever. As the groom I was able to crush a car with a tank. Highly recommend. My Dad has been talking all afternoon and very much enjoyed himself. With all of his health issues and his limited ability to get around, you really made this a memorable day for him.

Thank you very much. Email all news and media inquiries to info driveatank ATTN:media. Featured On. Ready to Drive A Tank? Response to COVID For over 15 years, Drive A Tank has provided customers with a one of a kind tank driving experience and while our group tank events are a highlight with our customers, we are dedicated to ensuring their safety.

Beginning May 12thwe are opening our tank season with one on one exclusive experiences. We will be hosting individuals by appointment for a new kind of tank driving adventure. Between participants we will be cleaning equipment to ensure a safe and fun experience for all. To schedule your tank package, give us a call at As it turns out, it's not all that difficult to rent a tank.

The majority of companies that do so function as tourist attractions—it's not like Enterprise where you grab the keys and try to return it with a full tank of gas. Generally speaking, each company offers packages with different aspects: shooting guns, crushing cars, even slam through a mobile home.

Adventures, Pricing and Reservations

It's important to note that U. But hey, you can still crush cars. And if after renting a tank you decide you really need one of these monsters in your life, you can could always go and buy one instead.

What You Can Do: The above price includes an hour of driving around as well as rounds each from the tank's three different machine guns. The ranch also throws in some other non-tank related bits like free fishing, but we're all about driving tanks here.

Safety Classes Involved: There's at least one "training" session which most likely includes safety lessons. Drive A Tank in Kasota, Minnesota has Like, more than two. Part of this is due to the sheer number of packages and vehicles available. Folks can drive around, shoot guns, crush one or two cars, and there's even a special home demolition package.

The range in price also makes the experience the most bang for your buck in the United States. If you've seen videos of folks crushing cars in tanks, it's likely someone at Drive A Tank. In fact, even we've been to Drive A Tank. Can You Crush a Car? Or two, even. Safety Classes Involved: Yes, to varying degrees depending on which package is chosen.

The more armored vehicles being driven about, the more safety and training involved. They also give an "extensive" history of tanks.

Drive Footage Only - Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana \u0026 Arkansas

Battlefield Vegas in you guessed it Las Vegas, Nevada has a tank! What You Can Do: Crush a car. That's pretty much it.

But still, car crushing! Battlefield Vegas will also send a military Humvee to pick you up from the Las Vegas Strip, so that's not nothing. Safety Classes Involved: No, kind of surprisingly.

Given that it's just crushing a car, one of the Battlefield Vegas employees advises the driver on what to do and actually sits behind them within the tank. Another employee out front then provides a visual guide for rolling over the chosen vehicle.

Meath north of Dublin, Ireland has a tank! Well, kind of. What You Can Do: Learn to drive around.This tank was once in service in the British Army as a Chieftain Mk8 but thanks to Hollywood, this beast was transformed into a replica of the M1A1 Abrams that is in use by the United States military and some of her allies.

Let us bring you back to and fire authentic weapons that US Marines used during this 35 day invasion in the Pacific. For the first time ever Australians and New Zealanders can now have the honor and chance to fire the full range of weapons used throughout our heritage by our ANZAC forefathers.

Highly Rated Experience! Crush A Car With a Tank! Quick Details This tank was once in service in the British Army as a Chieftain Mk8 but thanks to Hollywood, this beast was transformed into a replica of the M1A1 Abrams that is in use by the United States military and some of her allies.

We brief you on the operation of the Main Battle Tank and how to ensure you send another car to the automobile graveyard. Email this page to a friend. Related Armory. Click here to Learn More Learn More.Why just drive a tank when you can crush a car with one? Nothing is more thrilling than hearing the hood crumple and the glass shatter as you flatten a car with 17 tons of military steel.

Don't just stop with one pass though. We will make sure you hit the car from every angle to ensure that nothing is left untouched. A once in a lifetime experience! Share the Crush! Feel The Power Driving Tanks! We have plenty of bumps, dips and humps and if it's rained recently Plus, you can take along 3 passengers for the Tank ride at no extra charge!

Includes the same driver and an extra 3 passengers as well 4 passengers total. Have a group of 5 or more driving participants? We'll get you up in our massive 40, pound construction excavator, and for at least 15 minutes you can feel like a true heavy equipment operator!

Don't be intimidated by the size as our trained instructors will have you running the machine like a pro in no time. Dig a huge hole and fill it back in Once you get a feel for the controls these machines are a blast to operate!

Tank Town has finally added some real fire power to the menu. Come and shoot our M machine gun! We'll start you out with rounds of fully automatic fun, and if you want to shoot more than that Guaranteed to put a smile on your face Have a group of 5 or more shooting and tank driving participants?

This is our original tried and true party experience that includes driving tanks and digging holes with construction equipment - guaranteed fun! The ultimate in excitement for everyone involved! Throw in a Car Crush to top it all off!

drive a tank alabama

After sending rounds downrange, we target the car with some spray paint art work, window busting with a sledge hammer and then flatten the car with the tank. A great group experience! You can pay for the 9 and split the extra ammo. Directions Menu. Adventures, Pricing and Reservations.

Machine Gun Shooting Tank Town has finally added some real fire power to the menu.

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