The Japanese automaker Toyota has just launched an all new rear wheel drive luxury sedan for its home market called the Mark X. Built on the same platform as the Lexus GSthe new four door is powered by a choice of two engines, the first being a 2. Forthe Toyota Mark X features a widened front bumper opening, a sporty mesh grill, wraparound taillights and very thick C pillar giving the car a very muscular appearance. The Mark X is also loaded with high tech gadgets like an adaptive radar based cruise control system, equipped with a brake-control function that can maintain a fixed distance from the car in front, adaptive front lighting system, hill start assist control, HDD navigation system with map on demand and a digital T.

The Mark X features a dynamic low center of gravity that is combined with powerful driving performance made possible by a new 3.

The new Marx X, starting at an appealing 2. The design concept behind the Marx X is "glam tech"—combining the visual "glamour" conveyed by the vehicle with the "high-tech" expression of its modern and precise feel. The result is subtle contrast as well as a dynamic and stylish form.

The 1, mm height and 20 mm expansion for both width and track give the vehicle a low center of gravity. Rear-wheel drive allows a front-and-rear weight distribution ratio of for stable driving. The combination taillights also have a three-lamp linear layout, while lights built into the lid of the trunk serve as a statement of class.

Six refined body colors are available, including the new Ice Titanium Mica Metallic. The interior is sporty and dynamic, combining quality and precision that evokes a feeling of driving pleasure.

The angles of the seat cushion and sides of the front seats have been optimized for superior hold. The shoulder portion of the door trim for the front and rear seats has been pushed outward by 25 mm total for left and rightwhile the distance between the front seats has been increased by 20 mm, resulting in a roomier interior. The new 3. The 2.

Reduced friction resistance in the suspension and higher arm rigidity enhance maneuverability and provide in-touch-with-the-road steering and a smooth, comfortable ride. The sports type models are equipped with Adaptive Variable Suspension, which combines mono-tube shock absorbers and computer control of damping force, delivering an exceptional ride, superior handling and stable cruising performance. Depending on the driving conditions, the driver can—at the flick of a switch—choose between the Sport, Snow and Eco driving modes to optimally control drive force.

The newly adopted Variable Gear Ratio Steering system, which controls the angle of the front wheels according to vehicle speed to improve steering performance, is coupled with optimized electric power steering, resulting in outstanding handling. Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management coordinates the drive power, steering and brakes to ensure excellent stability and improve preventive safety.Automotive Troubleshooting - Solving Car Problems.

mark x 250g horsepower

Write a Review. Please may you send me the english version of the manual. The manual i have is written in Japanese 2. How best can i make use of the GPS,is there anywhere i can make it to be activated even things like the phone,tracker 3.

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Please send me the mark x English version of the manual. Thank you so much. Please, send me the english version of the markX 3. Contact: show contact drtun.

Contact: show contact ss. Hello, Can you please send me an english version of Toyota Mark x manual book. Thanks a lot.

Contact: show contact art. Please send me the english manual. I can't work with the dash and navigationn.

mark x 250g horsepower

Please could you assist me with the English version manual of the toyota mark x "" model. Am also having one "tiki tiki tiki" sound from the engine. Any idea how I could handle this. Please could you send me the english version mark x manual. Contact: show contact rory. Thanks a bunch I see a lot of messaves asking to be sent the english version. I need it too,i dont see and know if the reply is emailed direct. Could you please send me the english version for the Mark X G Premium manual.

Can you please send me through the English version of the manual for Mark x. Contact: show contact marvin.In Japan, it was the top level car, sold only new at Toyopet Store locations.

The Mark X was introduced in and is the successor to the Mark II which was first introduced inand was known in the North American market as the Corona Mark II starting inand renamed the Cressida from to The Mark X has a loyal following of enthusiasts and owners, as it continued where the Mark II left off when it was replaced in Internationally, it wasn't as well known as the Crownwhich was available new at a different Toyota dealership. The Mark X is a continuation of the previous Mark II and its siblings, the sport-oriented Chaserand the luxurious Cresta in one vehicle, repeating an approach previously attempted by the short lived Verossa that used inline-six engines, whereas the Mark X uses V6 engines.

The Mark X was previously sold as an alternative to the Camrywhich is the largest sedan new at Corolla Store locations, for buyers who like the size of the Camry, but prefer a front-enginerear-wheel drive layout with the option to add four-wheel drive layout, which the Camry doesn't offer.

Different engine sizes were offered to allow Japanese buyers which annual road tax they were willing to pay; the larger engines offer higher levels of standard equipment and luxury features. Both the first and second generation Mark X were manufactured at the Motomachi plant in Japan. It was produced until The Mark X was also officially sold in limited quantities in Indonesia between and imported from Japanwhich was originally intended as a taxi.

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Toyota unveiled the Mark X sedan in as the successor to the Mark II sedan which has been on the market since the late s. Instead of being based on a modified Supra chassis "A" series platform, the Mark X continues to use the Toyota "X" platform, and does not share its platform with the Toyota "S" series platform used under the Crown and Lexus GS.

The continuation of describing this vehicle as the "X" series is a reference to the first dedicated Mark II platform introduced in Major changes to the Mark series are the engine and footwork. Toyota discontinued the inline-six engines used in the Verossa which included the JZ series and the G series engines, and went to the newly developed GR series engine.

The rear-wheel drive models have a 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission as standard and the four-wheel drive models have a 5-speed automatic.

No manual transmission options were offered. A first in its class is the rear bumper with integrated exhaust outlet, which later made its way on to the corresponding model year Lexus LS series and the Crown. A LED lamp for the ceiling runs from the front of the vehicle to the rear, creating a "mood" lighting system. The LED system is also incorporated into the gear shifter and key area of the vehicle. Minor changes were made in Mirror-mounted turn signals replaced the fender-mounted turn signal, taillamps were revised and the grille was redesigned.

Mark X with all black interior colour deleted the wood trim in favor of the brushed aluminium trim. This change also gives the formal introduction of the "S package" which gain the three-spoke steering wheel and changes to the exterior lip piece. The Chinese market Reiz is sold in 2. It has chrome ducts and carbon fibre splitters as standard parts.

The second generation Mark X was released on 19 Octoberfollowed by the Reiz in September Models available are Standard, Premium and Sports. The Mark X received two facelifts in and The facelift received additional spot welding to strengthen the body.

The vehicles also gained "Toyota Safety Sense" consisting of autonomous emergency braking, lane departure alert, automatic high beams and radar cruise control as standard. The Standard model is the entry-level variant. Available only with the 2. It has an ivory and black interior colour and the option of wood-grain panel colour.

This variant is available only with the 2. The exterior differentiates itself from other grade by arranging the mall plated grille, trim specific side skirts and unique front bumper design. It also features millimeter-wave radar system for cruise control and pre-crash safety system with brake activation. The seat upholstery is made from Alcantara with leather being an option.

Super UV cut glass and nanoE air ventilation system is also used on this grade. It is designed to replace the Tourer V variant from previous models of the "X"-chassis cars.Toyota Mark X G Technical specifications Maximum power Maximum torque List of all Toyota models List of all models from the Mark series.

This model has been released in The vehicle is Additionally, its rear track is The ground clearance of this vehicle is It has a longitudinal alignment and is fitted in the front of the vehicle. The cylinders inside are V-arranged.

The piston stroke length is The pistons compression ratio is The model's fuel system is direct petrol injection. The Toyota Mark X G has a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The top gear ratio is 0. The fuel tank's capacity is The vehicle's steering system is power assisted rack and pinion type. The front suspension includes coil springs, double wishbones, independent and the rear suspension - coil springs, independent, multi-link. The front wheels size is 7JJ x The rear wheels size is 7JJ x The front brakes are provided with ventilated disks.

The rear brakes have with disks, servo assistance, anti-lock braking system ABS. Brand name The name of the company, which has manufactured this vehicle. Toyota Series The series the vehicle's model belongs to.

Mark Model name The model name of the vehicle. Mark X G Model code The code provided by the manufacturer, which marks this model. Devices like door handles, mirrors and lights usually are not included in the calculation of the width.

The width is measured with doors and windows closed and the wheels in a straight-ahead position.Use the 'select your engine size, then your vehicle' options to find parts to fit your Toyota Mark X variant, or choose from hundreds of Toyota Mark X parts below.

All Mark X parts are available to order online today. Tip: If you're not sure which vehicle is yours, pick what you think is the closest match.

We will check any parts you order against your specific vehicle via your number plate which you will need to supply us with during the checkout process. Contact Us. Select Currency. Our technology Warranty Fleet vehicles Frequently asked questions Login. Select your vehicle below.

Toyota Mark X performance car parts, spares and accessories Use the 'select your engine size, then your vehicle' options to find parts to fit your Toyota Mark X variant, or choose from hundreds of Toyota Mark X parts below.

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mark x 250g horsepower

The updated sedan Mark X g has body slightly stouter than the previous version; it was the height of mm, width - mm, and length - mm. As usual, the car is released in various trim levels: base - G, G Four four-wheel drivesports - S, G S version and the Premium. Front seats gained lateral support. Rear - separate adjustment of the slope.

The large front panel integrates a large full-color display, and in the dashboard - Optional lighting. Toyota Mark X g equipped with 6-cylinder V Consumption mode city became a trail of 7. But connoisseurs of power Toyota offers a 3. Suspension remained unchanged as the first generation of Toyota Mark Xg, rear - multi-link front - double wishbone. The chassis is tuned for sporty, providing excellent cornering stability. After the suspension was lifted up and the braking system designed to effectively inhibit.

Toyota Mark X 250g- Fuel Efficient Car

The control system suspension AVS, part of expensive equipment, chooses its mode of operation depending on the road. A premium version, which is equipped with navigation, the computer stores the state of the roads, which have already passed, so the next time they need to customize the parameters of the suspension.

The whole family of this vehicle Mark Xg has a great engine and working. The first time that Toyota is developing a model of this class a 6-cylinder V-engine. And, apparently, it was decided to go beyond the formal replacement of "two" to "ten", but to go further and opt for a new car before the unprecedented appearance.Just purchased my mark x not too long ago Current milage is k. No wonder the car is very sluggish Was wondering any fellow X owner here can enlighten me and the estimation for the cost so that wont kana chop carrot.

All depends if u hv a trusted workshop u go to every time Look for Louis or Ah Ming. Good luck, cheers. Can consider to go Chin Auto in Sin Ming. Many Mark X and IS go to him. He is especially familiar with these 2 models. Price wise is reasonable. I went down two days ago. Boss going for holidays. If you want to save some money and if you know what spares you need, you can even buy your own parts and he will just charge you labour.

TS, I hope you would have gotten all the basic maintenance stuff done on your X by now. No timing belt to worry about though. Then do a 4-wheel alignment. Don't know what you mean by the car being very sluggish, cos it shouldn't be, with bhp and Nm of torque.

If you need more advice post here or PM me. I know the Mark X quite well, having owned one before.

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